My Background

Aerial Photography for just about any purpose

I have been a long time photographer and videographer for personal and professional events and projects throughout the community of the greater Tampa Bay area since the mid 90's. My passion for providing photo and video services includes events such as auto racing, custom auto shows and community events, real estate photography, home and roof inspection imagery, construction site progress history photos and videos, vacation and resort promotional media, aerial support for television commercials and news events.

Photography as Communication

Drones are the perfect image gathering tool for roof inspections

With the advanced camera technology now available, drones can capture very high, detailed photos to assist home inspectors and roofing specialists. Advances in software now offer extremely accurate measurements safely without the need to manually gather that data from a ladder.

Sharing Stories

Interior photography should have a warm and friendly feel when used in marketing

Interior photography is just as important as the outside aerial shots and should have a clear and bright look when used in marketing. In my experience, the aerial photos get the attention and the interior photos can close the call for a viewing.